Thank You!

Jan, Bill, & Carl at MCTC

MCTC is a great partner for WordCamp. Bill, Carl, and Jan helped us start a WordCamp relationship that we hope will last a long time. I know more than one WordPress agency has been spawned from MCTC graduates.

Travis Totz & WerkPress

When I first met Travis last November, I asked if he’d be interested in helping out with WordCamp. He went over the top – designing our website, logos, stickers, sweatshirts, glasses, t-shirts – the list goes on. His company, WerkPress, stepped up to be our only Viking level sponsor and then hosted the after-party as well.

Carl Bliss, Moni Francesca & the volunteer team

Carl & Moni stepped up to be our lead volunteer wranglers. Their team of almost 30 volunteers (comprised of mostly MCTC students) helped the event go off without a hitch.

Josh Leuze

Josh turned Travis’s design into an awesome responsive website. He also was the creative force behind the Template Hierarchy poster. Just when the poster idea was about to die on the table, he drew a doodle/cartoon of what he thought the template hierarchy might look like in the mind of a WordPress geek.

Jessi Foell

Jessi volunteered her great marketing experience to help with our SWAG orders. She also proofed almost every email and blog post that went out.

Marcus Genzlinger

Marcus is our nightlife specialist. I’m pretty sure he knows every square inch of downtown that serves food and drink. He was instrumental in planning the speaker/sponsor dinner and Sunday brunch.

David Skarjune

I’m pretty sure David knows everyone in this town. He proved it as he brought in our sponsorships – which in true WordCamp fashion, included his own company.

Barbara Schendel

Even with her own event to plan, her wedding, Barbara came back into the fray to help us work out all of the catering details for lunch and the after-party. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, she deserves extra props as she’s always looking out for the non-omnivores out there.

Matt Barker

Matt started the whole thing back in 2010 and inspired us to reboot it for 2013. He was gracious enough to pay forward the leftover surplus from 2010.

All Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees

And of course, we’d like to thank our speakers, sponsors and everyone who attended. We had a great panel of both national and local speakers. They donated their time to come to Minneapolis and we hope they found it worthwhile. We also couldn’t have thrown such a successful event without our sponsors. WordCamp is a conference for the people, by the people. Without a nexus of great speakers, willing sponsors, and eager attendees, WordCamp would never be possible.

Thanks again to all involved!

– Justin Foell

WordPress Theme Template Poster

WordCamp MPLS Theme Template Poster

It’s always fun to get cool swag at a WordCamp and we wanted to make sure we had some on hand. We can’t share our fancy WordCamp Minneapolis pint glasses and free beer with the world, but we do have a cool poster to share with everyone!

One of the most valuable pages in the Codex for theme developers is the Template Hierarchy page, so we wanted to make sure everyone was familiar with it. This poster isn’t just fun, the info is pretty accurate and makes a handy reference, but hopefully it serves as a great reminder to hit up the documentation more often.

Here’s a PDF if you want one.

Sign Up to Learn How To Build Online Community Websites!

Don’t miss our “how-to” talks about building online community websites this Sunday, April 28, 2013.

The day is called “BuddyCamp,” and it features some of the most innovative names in this space. Plus, it’s only $20! (Your registration includes brunch on Sunday.)

Register today!

Not sure if BuddyCamp is for you?

At BuddyCamp, you’ll see how BuddyPress is a simple way to build your very own online community. We will show you some of the free tools out there that are ALREADY COMPATIBLE with your existing WordPress website and we’ll show you how to use them!

At the end of BuddyCamp, we hope you’ll be inspired.

You won’t find a better deal so register today before all the seats are gone!


Sunday Brunch, a time-honored tradition for generations, is the kick-off for BuddyCamp. Cure your after-party hangover with some food and friends, or get a fresh start before Sunday’s BuddyPress conference. Did we mention that brunch is included as part of your ticket to BuddyCamp? All for only $20.

Brunch is from 10-11:30AM at Bar 508 on 1st Aveneue in the Minneapolis Warehouse District:

508 1st Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Enjoy a full brunch menu including:

  • Meat Scramble
  • Veggie Scramble
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • American Fries
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Donuts and Pastries
  • Coffee, Decaf, Orange Juice, Pineapple and Cranberry

You can come and go at anytime from 10-11:30AM, but make sure to allow a little walking time to get to the library at 11:30AM. We’ll do some impromptu registration at Bar 508 during brunch, and also at the Library at 11:30. Then we’ll do a short introduction at 11:45AM and BuddyCamp will be underway at 12-noon sharp!