WordCamp Schedule

Saturday, April 27th at MCTC

Time Continuing Education School of Business School of Design & Technology
8am Registration
8:30am Opening Remarks
9am Getting on the Web with WordPress – Andy Christian The Tools We Use to Win – Grant Landram Quickly and Easily Measure WordPress Performance – Peter Chester
10am Planning for Failure – Basic Security Practices – Rose Fields Creating and Selling Premium WordPress Plugins – Daniel Espinoza A Designer’s Approach To Customizing Themes – Travis Totz & Nick Pelton
11am The Power of Custom Types – John Havlik You can make a living with WordPress – Becky Davis Advanced Actions & Filters – Alison Barrett
12pm Lunch
1pm WordPress as a Newspaper Platform – Dave Buchanan Freelancer Panel – Reid Peifer & Stephen Haislip Rocking the Responsive Web – Josh Broton
2pm Advanced Technical SEO – Julie Kosbab Using PressBooks to become your own digital publisher – Nick Ciske Inspecting WordPress – Josh Leuze
3pm Accessibility & WordPress – Joe Dolson Scoping projects to avoid stress, headaches and angry mobs – Lisa Sabin-Wilson Stop Making Things Pretty And Start Designing – Michelle Schulp
4pm Closing Remarks
6pm After Party

BuddyCamp Schedule

Sunday, April 28th at the Minneapolis Central Library

Time BuddyPress
10am Brunch
11:30am Registration
11:45am Opening Remarks
12pm Intro to Building Online Communities with BuddyPress – Lisa Sabin Wilson
1pm Mind-Blowing Online Engagement – Toby Cryns & Tania Jones
2pm Membership Sites Using S2 Member and BuddyPress – Dan Biel
3pm BuddyPress as a Directory – John Hawkins
4pm Online Communities Now and In The Future – John James Jacoby
5pm Closing Remarks

Key Beginner Intermediate Advanced